Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing

Restore Shine, Renew Life: Your Premier Power Washing Experts
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Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing

Restore Shine, Renew Life: Your Premier Power Washing Experts
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"Great job cleaning house, looks new. Professional Job done right the first time also nice addition. Cleaning my gutters. Highly recommend"

Joseph G

"house looks great, Easy email communication, timely arrival and efficient work. Thank you, Blake!"

Kate B.

"If your home needs a good cleaning, contact Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing!, this 1901 home is looking like a new build!"

Paulson Properties LLC

"Thanks Blake with Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing. Blake’s Professionalism and knowledge of Power Washing, Soft Washing and Window Cleaning help his company excel over the competition. Contact Blake for all of your home manicuring needs!"

Zach LaFave Charter Oak Financial Group

"Good evening Blake. As the days have gone by, I have noticed more and more of what you have done here. Not only the great job around the pool but also the great job you did on the gutters. Everything looks new. Thank you so much. I do hope you come back. Thank you much"


My name is Blake MacWhinnie, and I serve as the Founder, Owner, and Operator of Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing.

With over five years of dedicated service, our company consistently strives to employ cutting-edge equipment and stay abreast of the latest industry practices. Recognizing the significance of your investment, we prioritize maintaining its pristine appearance.

Drawing upon my background in Law Enforcement, Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing holds steadfast to the values of trust, honesty, and integrity. Our commitment is unwavering as we endeavor to deliver unparalleled service to our valued clientele.

We Provide Residential & Commercial Soft Washing, We Are Fully Insured!

At Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing, we recognize the importance of your home as your greatest investment. With our dedication to excellence, we equip ourselves with the latest tools and expertise to deliver unparalleled cleaning services for your home or business.

Our specialties encompass Power Washing, Soft Washing, Window Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Deck-Concrete Cleaning, and more. With over five years of industry experience, we continuously integrate cutting-edge equipment to achieve optimal results.

While our home base is in the Town of Corinth, our services extend throughout Southern Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Warren, Washington, and Essex Counties.

Utilizing my experience in law enforcement, we uphold the values of Professionalism, Integrity, and Honesty in all aspects of our operations. From early spring to late fall, we meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring your satisfaction with a thorough cleaning process. We prioritize quality over haste, dedicating additional time to inspecting our work to guarantee customer satisfaction.

When considering your exterior cleaning needs, entrust us to elevate the cleanliness and appearance of your property.

~ Blake MacWhinnie

(518) 307-3858

Roof Cleaning

Neglecting Your Roof May Have Costly Consequences. Living In Upstate New York, Shaded And Heavily Wooded Areas Create A Perfect Breeding Ground For Gloeocapsa Magma (Black Mold). We Can Safely And Efficiently Remove The Mold Giving Your Shingles A Longer Life Span And A Brighter Look!

Window Washing

DIRTY OR GRIMY WINDOWS?! We Utilize The Most Up To Date Methods And Equipment To Get Them Clean!, We At Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing Utilize An Upgraded Purified Water Fed Pole System As Well As The More Traditional Method!

Residential Soft-Washing

Keeping your home free of harmful mold or algae has lasting effects! We utilize a safe solution, low pressure to safely protect your biggest investment!

We take pride in ensuring all of the vegetation surrounding the property is pre-wet with fresh water. We take extreme care while conducting our services to ensure you are pleased with the process and are satisfied with the service. 

Commercial Soft-Washing

Keeping your business free of harmful mold or algae has lasting effects! We utilize a safe solution, low pressure to safely protect your biggest investment!

We are well equip to provide property maintenance such as Window Washing, Soft Washing. Concrete Surface Cleaning & Fence Washing. Our attention to detail will keep your business looking like the gold standard of commercial properties. 

Concrete Surface Cleaning

Overtime Your Concrete May Become Embedded With Dirt. We Specialize In Safely Removing Any Dirt Within The Concrete, Bringing Back That Original Look!

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Discover the ultimate in residential and commercial soft washing services, backed by our comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind!

Forest Lake Specialties Power Washing

For those seeking a reputable power washing service in the Queensbury, New York area, we invite you to contact us at:


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